About Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, an ever-evolving city, is tran scending into a hip, vibrant destination fueled by eager, talented chefs and ambitious restaurateurs. While intricate architecture mingles with 21st century skyscrapers, local restaurants serve everything from traditional coastal dishes to modern, ethnic and sustainable cuisine.

The diverse city possesses distinctive and attractive neighborhoods, sandy beaches, impressive architecture, and a distinct culture. Nestled from Norfolk's revitalized downtown to its picturesque waterfront is a vibrant and growing restaurant scene.

granby street food tour
The Food Tour takes you through the heart of downtown Norfolk. Indulge in a variety of traditional regional dishes as well as modern, sustainable cuisine served at award winning restaurants.    more
historic ghent food tour
The historic suburb was built over 120 years ago as commerce boomed. The walkable neighborhoods are full of beautiful architecture, fantastic shopping and great restaurants including the originator of the ice cream cone.     more