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Current public food tours

This page is dedicated to the public Food Tours that we run on a weekly basis. You can sign up for these anytime there is an availablity, and take the tour. For private events, group Food Tours, culinary events, and any other function, please visit our culinary events and group tour page.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Food Tour

This adventure traverses the famous strip that has beckoned vacationers for decades. The diverse and lively oceanfront restaurant scene caters to both locals and visitors, serving up some of the finest dishes in the area. During the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Tour, you will learn all about the history and culture of the area, including what John Smith and his crew ate during their quick stop before heading to Jamestown.


Norfolk Granby Street Food Tour

Norfolk, an ever-evolving city, is transcending into a hip, vibrant destination fueled by eager, talented chefs and ambitious restaurateurs. While intricate architecture mingles with 21st century skyscrapers, local restaurants serve everything from traditional coastal dishes to modern, ethnic and sustai nable cuisine. During this three-hour tour, you will explore the revitalized downtown, all along one very popular street in downtown Norfolk.